Thoughts on the 2020 improved outliner

Naming directly in the outliner (no right click…) is something I have longed for. Much faster.
Visibility control and scene visibility control in the outliner are great. No longer making a layer named the same thing as a single outliner item to pick it out in a scene to show a single part in a paper drawing. Nice.
To my mind layers could have continued to be called layers (we’ve come this far…), but I’ll get used to it.
All that’s missing?

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Outliner improvement is great.
But I need also an isolating feature of selected objects in Outliner. To view and work with isolated one or several objects in complicated models. It would be better way than use “fade rest of model” when you need work with bunch of objects and sometimes better when you are going to find an object instead using “zoom selection”.

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Ditto on SCENE MANAGEMENT request.

How would this feature work?

Like right-click the desired object > Invert Selection
Then right-click inverted selection and choose Hide ?

If so, this would only work within the isolated objects parent context.

Also suggest you open a dedicated Isolate topic in the SketchUp > Feature Requests category.

@adameee & @gary_brian Same goes for a dedicated topic on scene management improvements.

Thanks for replying.

  1. That solution works only one way. You can’t come back, because “Invert selection” does not select already hidden objects. Yes, you can select all objects directly again, but it’s not always convenient

  2. “Invert selection” works only inside a current object - not on a higher level of the hierarchy

I mean it would be like “temporary isolate > rest isolate”

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Already posted this in the new 2020 thread but here’s my take on the 2020 Outliner;

  • I prefer right clicking to rename, left clicking is for selecting. Using a Wacom Intuos pro, many times I jump into rename mode when I just single click the object. SketchUp is the only program that is so sensitive to clicks.

  • same for re-ordering the hierarchy - again it jumps easily to rename mode instead.

  • and finally, when you click in white space in the outliner you select the object on that row. Pre 2020, when clicking in white space you would deselect everything. Was much better. Now in 2020 I have to click in the viewport (zoom out - click - zoom in again) or scroll to the top of the hierarchy and select the top name.

My Outliner workflow is now an inefficient visual clutter:

  • I used the Tags(Layers) visibility toggle to control the amount of visible content in Outliner, only displaying what was pertinent to the task on hand.

  • And, to make matters more inefficient, the length of the visible character string in Outliner has been clipped.