Toggle visible active

hi there,

since 2020 we have the option “toggle visible active” under view?!

whats intended use?!..?! i cant find anything related to it in the forum or elsewhere?!

Huh? Where?

Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 08.01.59

Could this be related to some extension you have loaded? Or is it just on Windows?

Your profile says you are using SU 19.

thanks for the profile heads up - fixed and up to date now…

about the option i was talking - check this :slight_smile:
i have also double checked my installed plugins, extensions and ruby scripts but there is none that i think could be related to this option?!

That’s added by an extension. (And should be preceded by a separator to not appear like a part of the Animation group, should preferably be in a sub menu as there are two entries seemingly from the same extension, and should preferably include the name of the extension.)

If you find out what extension, I can add it as an example to the UX guidelines I’m working on.

What does, Toggle Isolate do? That might give you a clue what they belong to.

well then… i will try to sort out which plugin puts that thing there…

toggle isolate does isolate and “de”-isolate the group/component that you have active…

In my UX guidelines I’m just calling this “Unknown extension” :stuck_out_tongue: . I think that conveys the point.

If you want to isolate the cause, you can try disabling half your extension. It it stays disable half of those left, otherwise enable half of those you just disabled. Repeat until you know what extension it is.

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… ok…

:slight_smile: found it … its curics DIO tools…