Where is extension specific (meta)data stored?



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I split this off from the previous topic as it’s a tangent. Wasn’t sure whether to put it in the “Developer” or “Extensions” category. Since the information might be useful to people who aren’t developers, I chose “Extensions”.

The previous topic caused me to wonder where extension specific data is stored. What do I mean? Here’s an example from an extension I rely on:

I use the Layers Organizer extension and I’m now wondering where the data on the order of layers and groups, and the hierarchy is maintained. Is it:

  • Saved in the .skp?
    If so, I would assume that the hierarchy would be available if I sent the .skp to another SketchUp user, appearing only if they also have the Layers Organizer installed and enabled.
    Further question: If a 2018 file is uploaded to the 3D Warehouse, then downloaded in a earlier version, would the necessary data be available in the earlier version for Layers Organizer to recognize and use?
  • Saved outside the .skp?
    If so, I would assume that the hierarchy would be lost if anybody wanted to use the .skp file on another SketchUp installation, even if it also has Layers Organizer installed and enabled.


check out @Aerilius Attribute editor:



It depends upon what kind of data.

Yes if it is specific to the model, we use Attribute Dictionaries, which can be attached to any Entity subclass object.

If the data is either more general to the extension or specific to the particular user, then the data is saved externally from the model.

It is up to the developer how and where. There are numerous old threads debating these aspects in the Developers or Ruby API categories.


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