Where has the 'end-points' command gone?

This command used to be under the:‘window…show tray?’ option on the top tool bar in Sketchup 2017. It’s nowhere to be found on the 2023 web hosted/app version.

It is available in SketchUp Go but since style editing is not available in SketchUp Free you can’t turn on Endpoints in that version.

Thanks, at least I know not to keep looking for it! BTW: do I take it that the odd-looking configuration of the ‘toolbars’ running vertically at the extreme left and right margins are all you get in this version? It’s not a big deal for me per se as I’m only knocking up simple brackets for STL/3D printing.

The user interface is different in the web versions as compared to the desktop versions.

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Thanks. Super-tedious layout I must say; what was wrong with leaving it as it was…

It’s just a different UI. The arrangement used in the desktop version wouldn’t work with the web based version.

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