Show line endings in Sketchup Web

Can you show line endings in Sketchup for Web as you can on the Desktop version?
It is very useful as you would imagine. I often divide lines into segments using the line tool and entering the length by keyboard and its very hard to work like that, guessing where the line end landed.

Styles can be edited in SketchUp Shop including adding endpoints.


But I can’t do that with the Free version.

I can kind of get an idea where the endpoints are using a free predefined style like Tech Pen Endpoints from the Style Builder Competition Winners collection. But it’s not a great style to use during sketching.

You can upload a model with the style you want if you have a desktop version available.
Or load one from the warehouse.
Once you have the model with the style you want you can delete the geometry and use it as a template by opening it and using save as.

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