Where do your downloads go

Where do downloads go from Warehouse

If you’re accessing the 3D Warehouse from SketchUp they would typically get downloaded into your model unless you opt not to do that. If you choose not to insert them into the current model they should go into the folder you chose to save them in.

Yea it didn’t go into model or folder , didn’t give me an option, and not in my downloads either. Ill try again. ’

They usually appear under your cursor when you first download them inside sketchup, if you cancelled that somehow, you’ll find it in your components tray.

I found them on my Onedrive.
I have my machine backed up to dropbox and onedrive.

Thank you

Make sure you aren’t working on SketchUp files that are directly saved to the cloud. Work on files that are saved on your internal drive and then sync them to DropBox and/or OneDrive.