Where can I find the Licence Key?

I need the licence key to install some apps in Sketchup…

There is no license key for SketchUp 2022. It uses the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the subscription. What apps are you trying to install in SketchUp?

Ah oke… that would be SketchPlus. SO… the Licence Key is the password?

SketchPlus might have a license key. It shouldn’t need your password for SketchUp, though.

The password does not seem to work…

I have the same issue. I have subscription for Sketchup pro and yet it keeps asking for my license number?

Can not get it to work.

Subscriptions don’t use license numbers. On the welcome screen you should see a sign in button, if you click on that, are you able to sign in?

If you’re seeing an error message of any kind, can you show a screenshot of what the message says?