HELP Deleted Sketchup Pro and lost license CANT RETRIVE

Dear Community
In early 2022 I purchased a Sketchup Pro 2022 one year subscription. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted a folder with my SketchUp passwords and serial key as well as the Sketchup Pro 2022 software itself. When I went to the SketchUp webpage to get help to retrieve my password and key, Sketchup will only allow me to contact them if I have the password and key???

I am not sure which of the two e-mails I used, but in any case, I need assitance

Grateful for anyone’s advice

If you have a subscription there is no key, you just sign in with the email and password you bought the subscription with.
If you don’t know which email try each, if you don’t know the password try the forgot password option.
No doubt @colin will be able to tell you which email when he is around, but you may have fixed it by then.

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I can’t find any subscription details for you, under either email address I can find. Did you buy from a distributor? You may need to go back to them for initial help.

One thing, if you assigned the subscription to your Gmail address you could use the sign in with Google option, and that should connect you to the same account. Or, try signing into Trimble and use the forgot password option.