Where can I download Sketchup 8 and Sketchup 2013 Make?

Didn’t find a proper category for my question. Where can I find and download the obsolete SketchUp versions - SU8 and SU2013 Make? Is there any official repository for those versions?


@SketchUp3D_de, the German SketchUp distributor, keeps an archive of older versions at

Anssi, vielen Dank!

Gibt es nur Trial und Pro Versionen? Oder auch Make?

I don’t remember how it was with older versions than 2017 - there might be only one download. All downloads used to start with a 30-day trial.
(I don’t speak German, just found the link for you)


Anssi, Thanks a lot! I wonder about what happens after 30 days of Trial use :smiley:

IF you have downloaded the Make 2013 installer, after 30 days Pro trial, the program reverts to the Make version of SU, with permanent free licence for non-commercial use.

IIRC the v8 free licence does allow commercial use, but you will need to read the licence to be sure. That free version wasn’t then called Make.

the true Pro trial will cease to work, the Make (w/ initial Pro trial) will degenerate to the limited Make functionality (e.g. no vector data exchange formats besides Collada, no LayOut (2D), near to no volume tools etc. and of course no commercial use).

As far as I remember, this was changed in a version 8 maintenance upgrade, so you have to be extra careful.

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if I recall correct with M4 (08/2012) or the latest M5 (12/2012), M3 should therefore be safe.

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