Where are the toolbars folder or reg keys in the plugin Toolbar Editor?

Hi !

I’m looking for the place where toolbars are saved in the plugin’s Toolbar Editor.
I’ve already found the plugins folder and the buttons folder, but the toolbars aren’t located in either of these.
Can @Aerilius or another member tell me where are the toolbars folder or reg keys ?

They are not in a folder, nor in the Windows registry anymore (since v2018.)

The “Preferences” written by Sketchup::write_default are now in two .json files.
Per the v2018 Older Release Notes | SketchUp HelpPreferences Location” section.

Specifically the %LocalAppData%"PrivatePreferences.json" file.
The data describing each toolbar will be written into an object description identifier beginning with "Plugins_ae", … viz:

        "Plugins_ae": {
            "ToolbarEditor": "{:toolbars=>{}, :custom_buttons=>{},
                :version=>\"1.1.5\", :migrated_hashcodes_adler32_to_md5=>true}"

As you can see above I did not define any custom toolbars in this SketchUp version (yet) … ie, the ":toolbars" hash is empty.

Note that manually editing the preferences files might cause extensions to lose data. SketchUp will rewrite the files when it closes with the data that is was able to read. So garbage in → garbage out.

Make a copy of either file if you attempt manual edits.

Obviously you would need to carefully examine the code for the extension to understand how A.E. is serializing the toolbar data. If you do not understand Ruby this may be a losing endeavor.

What is it that you wanting to see from the toolbar data ?