When I orbit the drawing disappears

So very likely there was still some tiny entity at a great distance from the origin and the rest of your model. But now it’s fixed so that’s good.

• SketchUp Help Center : Clipping and missing faces

I believe I am experiencing the same problem, but on windows 10. I have attached the offending file. The weirdness started happening after I erased a single line. I do not believe this is a case of “something far away from the camera.”

dome home.skp (159.6 KB)

I think theres a stray piece of text in the model somewhere, if you hit zoom extents the main model does not fill the screen as it should. The screenshot below shows 3 text entities, but I only see two.
I think you should select all of the parts you want to keep, >edit>copy , then open a new file and>edit>paste in place. If you hit zoom extents your model should then fill the screen. It just worked for me.

Save the new file.

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