When I make a scene on Mac, why do back edges activate?

I don’t check back edge. but, make scene and watch them, back edge is activation… why … ?
sorry to my bad english

Show a picture or SU file. Is this a setting in styles? The appearance of the SketchUp file will be whatever is saved in the style, whether you check it or not. Change mode in Styles and save it. Save the scene with the style you want. If it has been saved with another style then update and save both the style and the scene.

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Select the scene, press K on your keyboard then right click on the scene and press Update. Does that fix it?

Created scenes that memories the Style settings won’t be affected by any Style changes done in the menu (View> faces etc) or with shortcuts that triggers them.

Yes, you can toggle how it looks in the current ‘view’ of the model, but clicking on a scene tab will set all view settings according to the used style of that scene.

Only editing the specific Style of that scene and then updating that Style will make the changes permanent, no need for updating the Scene, per se.

If you alter a view setting and update the scene, you could get a warning message for what to do with the Style changes.
If you have disabled those messages, you can turn them back on in the [menu] Preferences > General panel

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