What's wrong with v ray buttons?

I installed lots of plugins & all can use successful but just only the V ray icons cannot appear in tool bar . On the premise of , I intalled it successful and checked the performance , opened the extensions… but it still not come out in tool bar … I don’t know what’s wrong with this case

Maybe it’s located behind another toolbar? If you have any floating toolbars you can move them around to see if V-Ray is there.

I make sure I checked all toolbars before …


I will upload printscreen attachment later … Really cannot see it but it’s strange that there is a tick before the V Ray in Performance extension …

Does it appear in the menu?

not yet …
The Errors appeared when started the sku… but almost can appear in toolbar … just no V Ray

and then

performance extension shedule , it’s definitely a tick with V Ray tool …

Toolbars shedule also select V Ray

ps : Those Plugins include V Ray can work in other computer . I ve already tried it before so I want those plugins were installed my laptop but just V Ray cannot appear on toolbar menu . I even tried change the new windows system ( the Win 10 now) but it still the same old …

up …

Just to point out

“V-Ray Tools” is different from “V-Ray for SketchUp”.

V-Ray Tools is what @thomthom made to deal with issues V-Ray for SketchUp launching on startup.

You do not have “V-Ray for SketchUp” listed on your extensions list.


More precisely; It was made to address short-comings of VfSU v1 and v2. Don’t expect any of it to work with v3 because it has not been maintained for years. I even think that they have made V-Ray Tools redundant with the upcoming version 3.

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That is absolutely true. I feel that there is no need for V-ray Tools in new version 3 anymore. But it was an absolute necessity in v1 and v3. (Well done thomthom!)

But I am not sure OP is dealing with version 3. Did I miss out a clue there showing it is v3 not v2? I can tell the SketchUp version is 2015?

@thomthom I use your plugin all the time without the V-Ray rendering engine. :thumbsup: It’s a great help for displaying safe frames for film animations and exporting pictures of precise ratios and resolution and I mentally remember you and thank you every single time I have to export a custom ratio picture.

The only drawback that I’ve discovered, is that it has trouble when the viewport is in parallel mode. I realize that with the current release of V-Ray 3.4 it will be half-useless but since there is no plugin like yours (for custom ratio and safe frame displaying) it’s a must-have for me. Hopefully some day in the future the parallel projection related bug will be fixed as well. :slight_smile:

I extracted the safe frame feature into its own extension: Safe Frames (Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse)

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Wonderful job. Thanks a lot.

I tried to reinstall the sku V Ray … It’s shame that still no any V Ray button on the panel …

Any rendering plugins better than V Ray ??

Did you right click on the toolbar icons in SketchUp and check V-Ray? Somtimes you have to activate the toolbar from this place.

Hard to find anything “better” than V-Ray because it’s the most robust. But check out SketchUp Podium Gallery and if you like it you can download the program from here.

I ve checked it before . I just can see the V Ray tool option . No any V Ray …

ok , thx your share