What's wrong with trying to activate my account?

The site keep show the same page and the same massege " click here or check your email inbox".
I checked my e-mail and click the activation button, but nothing happens.

I am so tired… i just want to download the perforated panel source…
What’s wrong with it?
I miss old-version 3d warehouse…

Try to open the 3dwarehous.sketchup.com in an incognito tab of your browser, and try to log in on the upper right corner

I’ve been having that problem with SketchUcation. Also here so I had to login using Facebook which caused a new account.

Walt, I’ve been waiting for you to send me a PM with your username and e-mail address for Sketchucation so I can help you get signed in there.

Dave, As I said, I don’t see the ability yet to do that. I have posted a few times to see if it will be enabled. Not yet.
Sorry on that. Seems to be the way it’s going lately with computers for me. Won’t go into those details. [grin]