What would be the proper way to integrate this?

I’m looking for a way to integrate this into my project. How would I do it if it consists of two components the floor side wall Any help appreciate it

I can’t tell what it is from your screenshot but it doesn’t look like it would be especially complicated to model.

You appear to be using SketchUp for iPad. Please correct your forum profile. That’s not a free desktop version.

Actually, I’m using the desktop version, but I’m Currently on my iPad right now How does this have any relevancy?

It is relevant because of the tools you have available to you with the different versions.

There is no free desktop version.

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Yes, I understand this but again if it says in my profile, I’m using the desktop version. That is what I’m using.

It’s just that referring to a “free” desktop version newer than 2017 makes us suspect people of using a cracked version.

Was not aware there was a cracked version. First, I was using I guess it’s called the browser version a.k.a. free version now I’m on the seven day trial of the desktop version. Either way, I don’t understand how the version that I’m using has anything to do with answering my question that I asked.

Because extensions, quirks, understanding what is still supported, etc.

But, go on, argue with people who are interested in helping you.

The more information, that is accurate, that you can give, the easier it may be to answer questions.

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What is the rest of the project? What is this model? How does it relate to the rest of the model you want to integrate it with? What exactly are you trying to do?

Not interested in arguing with people Interested in having my question answered. And somehow got drawn out what version I’m using when I said, I’m on the desktop version

Essentially trying to put camlock into my current project

Like these?

Just get the specs for the ones you want to use and rough model them. Then model some solid shapes and use the solid tools to remove the parts you need from the floor / wall.

If you need a place to start go to:


No like theses
I have the dxf file which is the above picture in my first post I just don’t know how to put it in to the existing project

On desktop you can import various formats into your model. Not sure on the IPad. I don’t use it.

I’m not trying to do it on my iPad. I’m just using my iPad at the moment. I know how to import the file. I don’t know how to take the image and put it into the side walls. As it would have to go into two components, the sidewall and the flooring

how do I delete this inner part?

By image you mean model, right? Just import it and move it to the position you desire. Or copy and paste it. What is the actual issue?

Double click to edit, select that part and delete it. I recommend learning sketchup basics.

Now I see that you’ve set it back into the walls itself. At this point you need to remove material from the walls so that this sits in them. Right now they’re sharing the same place so it’s filling it in, as expected.

Just edit the walls, then draw the outline of the hardware, and then push to recess the appropriate amount.

I’ve made A template of the part but sometimes I can’t move the top layer

Top picture is how I want it. How do I get it to be like this consistently

There seems to be some confusion in what the versions are called that is making the conversation harder than it needs to be. The desktop version is SketchUp Pro (or more infrequently Make 17). It exists as a stand alone application on your computer and has many more options. The “free” version of SketchUp is a web app that runs through a browser window and requires an internet connection, this is the version you are using from you screen shots. This matters because the interface, available tools and workflows are very different between the various versions (there are at least 2 other versions as well). Hence “free” Desktop is a contradiction in terms that is confusing and prevents giving a correct answer, you are using SketchUp Free.

So, to give you an accurate answer to your question requires the answerer to know exactly which version you are using as the answers will be very different depending on what tools you have available to you. For instance you talked about “importing” the file, if you were using the Desktop version you would be importing the actual dxf geometry and the modeling would be done. With the free version you will need to model it yourself, which it appears you have done.

I don’t clearly understand what you mean by the “top layer” moving. If you have a version of the geometry you like you should be making it into a component or group to isolate that assembly. You can copy move that component anywhere you want. If you need to integrate that void with other surrounding geometry in free you would explode the component in it’s proper place and potentially use intersect with selection depending on the composition of your model.

Upload your .skp file in a response window here for a more accurate evaluation and advice.

You might consider looking into the Quick Start lessons on SketchUp Campus to get up to speed on the basics of how SketchUp for Web works.

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