What’s up with SketchUp Make?

Thanks for evaluating this so closely, I thi nk both of your comments are great ones. I can understand why you might not have read the entirety of this thread so far (yay! 900th post!), but if you did you would see me making both of these points before.

But for completeness, I do think SketchUp for Web makes it easier and more convenient to access your models from multiple computers, and for raw performance (for now, anyway) you’re going to be happier with SketchUp running natively on your desktop computer. That’s why we kept SketchUp Make 2017 available to you. No need to worry about accessing the installer - we have a link to download it again right inside SketchUp Free.

To make it easy to sync all your cloud-saved models to your local computer, you might want to give Trimble Connect Sync a try.



It could have been flagged as you’ve doubled posted, and thus spammed the forum. Might even be automatic, I don’t know.

I agree that the rendering information is a valuable one and shouldn’t be flagged…

But double posting is still against the forum rules.

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Didn’t double post. I felt having a free alternative for rendering and realtime animation is valuable. Perhaps the manager who pulled my post likes paid alternatives better?

I suspect this will be suppressed as well. They suppressed my last complaint as well calling out their censoring ways.

You posted the exact same thing in the SketchUp Pro Future thread, too. That’s double posting.

Or you can be paranoid.


YES, after this one was censored.

Maybe the comment was flagged because it was off topic to the discussion of what’s up with SketchUp Make, I don’t know. I didn’t flag it. Anyhow, denying double posting isn’t helping. This is double posting.



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I didn’t have anything to do with flagging it either so I don’t know why. I saw that you’d made the identical post twice and that’s it.

Yep. I posted it a second time after I was notified this one was removed.

Whatever. I didn’t have anything to do with the removal of your post but it’s starting to sound like you’re blaming me. I’m out.

I did not know you could still see my post on your web page. I believed it was removed and only I could see it. That is why I didn’t think I double posted, b/c the original post I believed was deleted from universal view. I have been corrected and so I apologize for any inconvenience a double post may had cost anyone harm.

I know now that even if a first post is removed, it is still subject to viewing. Thank you for clarifying that.

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As of this morning, the post can still be viewed.


Sketchup Free 2019 is NOTHING BETTER than the previous. still suck. if only you guys can monetize with different ways. maybe like youtube and facebook.

we get commercial every now and then. or a real vendor gives free 3d object of the real object. and there are Buy Button beside the 3d object to buy them as real object.

but all the important feature in sketchup make still there.

You have the right to your opinion.
Please make it coherent.


There is no free version of SketchUp 2019.


You already have your pick of many rendering and animation options available out there, many of which are free or very cheap to use.

Unlikely, considering SketchUp makes absolutely nothing if you pay for a rendering engine. Once again, you have many to choose from at a wide range of price points. No need to criticize SketchUp here, at all.

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That is not 2019 free, that is simply free and has no year associated with it. It is continuously updated unlike a specific year of the desktop version. Knowing what year the desktop version was released tells us what options are available and what it can and can’t do. The ‘Free’ version will always be current and as such the date it irrelevant.


SketchUp Make isn’t getting any younger.

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