What’s up with SketchUp Make?



I’d disagree that there are ‘uses’ for this. Remote desktop already achieves the exact same result without reducing the power of the program. If cloud based computing is the future - OS’s should become remote and not individual programs within them. I.E. - a remote version of windows that you could log-in to that would have all of the apps and files you need. Individual applications making there own online versions doesn’t make sense in the long term.


Well, I did not last long with Sketchup.

  1. I believe in paying for software. But cannot see the point of $700 for software used to help a friend design her kitchen. $100 would be fine.
  2. I downloaded Sketchup Make and then discovered this thread while looking for help with an operation.
  3. I hate cloud-based software.

Not sure what software I will use, but it won’t be Sketchup.
Maybe something I already own: Illustrator, Omigraffle, Acorn, Graphic.


So you can’t do it with make? Do you need LO for construction documents or what? Or you can’t use make if SU free even exists?



Your friend can download Make 2017, and install it for free. Then you can install CabMaker Design. you get 14 days free trial. If the kitchen isn’t completely designed by then it will cost 99$ CDN which is about 70$ US.


Hey Dave,

You might also want to try out IKEA’s kitchen planner software.


While you’re probably making a custom kitchen - most of the cabinet sizes are probably the same. Plus the ikea site automatically tells you how many pulls / doors / etc you’ll need.


CabMaker not only gives you reports for Doors, Drawer Boxes, Cabinets and all the hardware it also gives you reports for each and every part.

You can also then take this over to CutMaster or CutList Plus and get a complete optimized cutting list.


“Do you need LO for construction documents or what? Or you can’t use make if SU free even exists?

  1. Do not need LO. I am helping her with a design. I expect it will take a year.
  2. I will not use browser-based software. I want to have the software on my Mac.

“Your friend can download Make 2017”
She is not that computer literate.
“… complete optimized cutting list”.
Don’t need this. Need design that she can give to contractor in Mexico.

@linesonthewall1h davebarnes
”You might also want to try out IKEA’s kitchen planner software.”
Nope. Online is not for me.


uh…you already have it on your mac if you have make 2017
A design that will take a year…and 700 bucks is an issue. Got it.


You’ve contradicted yourself twice? Maybe I am confused since I just woke up for work.

You have not lasted long with SketchUp because… you can’t use it? you don’t like it?

You would pay for Pro if it was $100 not $700, however you have said you don’t need Layout or Pro features, so it sounds like you don’t need Pro at all and Make would suit your needs, you already have this installed.

Your friend is not computer literate so it’s no good having a desktop version of SketchUp as she can’t use it, but online software can’t be used. But I thought you were making the plans for her anyway and since she can’t use, well anything, what does it matter?

It sounds like SketchUp Make would in fact work for you, but the fact that a web version exists, means that you have to use other software instead? Seems like a non-problem to me. You do know that Make will continue to work throughout the length of your planned project, it’s not getting turned off tomorrow.


The introduction of the browser-based software and elimination of Make as a continuing platform is highly disappointing. I believe, as a very long-time SketchUp user, that you are making a big mistake. I know the corporate mindset says “maximize profit always”, but in this case, what made SketchUp so successful from the beginning was the high degree of functionality of Make and the ability for new or young users to use the software and grow the base. Yes, a download of old Make is still available, but honestly, Trimble is not supporting it any longer…what do we have…a year? Two at most before Trimble kills it?

If you have been planning on a high percentage of the Make users converting to full paid SU Pro, I doubt that will happen. Even as an adult in the architecture business I would have a hard time justifying $600 for non-business use at home. That’s the cost of an appliance or a brand new mountain bike! There’s no way that a mom or dad with a couple of kids or a homeowner wanting to play around with deck designs are going to spend $600. You will miss a whole generation of new.young users.

As far as the Free browser version, you cannot be serious. I viewed it for the first time this morning as I am scheduled to teach a Sketchup Intro class at my son’s school. It is absolutely dismal. It’s worse than what I would expect as a free app on a phone. No tool trays, limited baby toolbar, no preferences/shortcuts? no scenes (No Scenes?? That’s a core part of SketchUp), no Print, no save to a hard drive?

It’s an enormous downgrade from Make and I’ll probably advise the students to not plan on using sketchup for anything halfway serious because most of he functionality is gone. it appears that extensions are not even usable; that’s the heart of sketchup since the core program does so little on it’s own. Without extensions, it’s nothing more than a cell-phone toy app. Highly disappointed. I use SketchUp Pro every day at work for the past fifteen years or so and had bad feelings when Trimble took it over. This, combined with your horrible mismanagement of the GeoLocating feature (specifically, the dismal /unusable graphic quality of the imagery) makes it hard for me to recommend Sketchup to anyone. Good luck maximizing your profits.

Sorry for the attitude I have, but it’s really tiring to have corporate takeovers ruin good products and services. People innovate and create- then the corporations buy out, rebrand, restrict, and maximize profit. You’re taking all the fun and innovation out of SketchUp.


Couldn’t agree more.


You might want to take another look if you’re going to teach it. Scenes are in the view tab.


Also, just FYI, Print is done through the browser (usually in the File menu), default shortcut keys are available and you can download any model locally through the top toolbar.


Maybe the version that get’s loaded to a Chromebook is particularly bad. I have not checked it on a real pc. the kids have chromebooks so that’s what I’m stuck with.


As long as the browser is up to date it’s the same version.

(Even if the browser was not updated, it would still be up to date, but could be buggy!)

Edit: it could be a permissions error, I know schools can have pretty hefty security in place. However this would not mean the options for print/download would be absent, those functions would simply just be blocked.


I’ve had great success doodling in SketchUp Free on my Chromebook. Seems to work identically in my Chrome Browser on my Macbook Pro and iMac too.


I came across Vectary.com today - a more polished version of an online modeller with plug-ins and complex geometry. What really sets it apart is it’s ability to send off 3D prints from within the program. I think if SketchUp is looking for more profits it would make sense to keep Make available for download, set up a similar print-service buisness, and maybe add in a small monthly subscription fee for extra features.

As for Vectary - I’ve already found it really frustrating having to work within the confines of a chrome tab. If you have multiple tabs open - it’s super easy to loose your tab or close it accidentally. And let’s not forget the fun fact that chrome tabs tend to stress out even the best of pcs. The SkechUp Free Team should really make use of Vectary for a few hours - and then hopefully abandon ship on their own version.


As I understand it, the simple fact that so many schools rely on Chromebooks for their kids to have “computers” is a major driving force behind developing a web based program. That and the greater popularity of Tiinkercad for teaching kids. I agree that it falls short of SU Make in several ways. The lack of an outliner really hampered me figure out what students did in their models.

My own proposal for next year’s class includes Match Photo, so if that’s not included by then, I will have to go back to Make in the classroom, or I don’t know what I’ll do if by then Make won’t run in whatever OS is running then. A lot of uncertainty for my to write up a course description for a year out from now.



I bought a 3dconnexion spacenavigator with the only purpose to help me modelling in the 3d world.

It works perfect with Sketchup PRO and Make but does not work at all with the web version SO I guess i say Thank you google for wasting my money on a 3dconnexion spacenavigator.

Now I have to look at something else to use instead of Google MUF - Mess Up Free


I played around with that last July. The most interesting feature is the subdivision smoothing that is integral to the product. I found it quite easy to model organic shapes, but not so easy to make some of the things I have done previously in SketchUp. That being said, I found it useful to create simple (or complex) organic shapes and then import them into SketchUp to work on them further.

For example:

The thing I miss most in SketchUp Free is the ability to run a simple script to pseudo-automate some sequence of operations.