What rendering software supports ray tracing?

I am thinking about buying a laptop with raytracing capability (need laptop, can’t pc). I am wondering what rendering software supports that? Cause it seems like a waste if the software won’t be able to support it. I heard about twinmotion, but I am not quite sure.

Or maybe I should get cheaper ones, with1650Ti, and use other rendering softwares? If so, what do you reccomend?

twinmotion and enscape support ray tracing for real time rendering and it makes quite a big difference

Raytracing is a method that about all current rendering applications use. Basically it has nothing to do with computer hardware. Some applications like Enscape and Twinmotion use a “game engine” core that can do the rendering in realtime using the capabilities of modern graphics cards, with some compromises in quality compared to the non-realtime renderers. Check the hardware requirements of the application you want to use. For instance, V-Ray can use your graphics card to render faster but the magic works only with Nvidia-based cards.
1650 Ti should be OK for Enscape, Twinmotion or V-Ray with not overly complex models. For SketchUp, look for a laptop with a CPU with a good single core performance rating. As to graphics cards, the Quadro models offer no advantages over GeForce cards and just cost more. I would look for a laptop with a GeForce RTX card.

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V-Ray , Enscape and D5 Render can all make use of the hardware accelerated Raytracing that the Nvidia RTX cards can perform.

Twinmotion has a parth tracing mode that uses Microsoft’s DXR system, so is a little more widely supported across older cards.