Computer/graphics card / Render

I would like to produce better renders, the renders are middle-range (not overly complex) could anyone recommend what Memory/graphics card I should be considering,
I use SU Podium and looking into Lumion.

Thank you in advance


Fist, please fill in your profile, it’s hard to say what GPU you need when we don’t even know what GPU you have.
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Also, I assume you’re running 2023 now ?

Have you checked the many threads on the #sketchup:computer-advice section ? several persons have asked the same question over the last months, and you might find an answer there already :slight_smile:

What’s your budget and how big are the projects you work with?

Nvidia has the lead on ray tracing which is what rendering engines use, lumion has recently incorporated ray tracing rendering, and it can also use AMD gpu’s, but most of the rendering programs have support only for Nvidia gpu’s. Also I don’t recommend you to use Lumion, it’s absurdly expensive and probably will disappear in few years if they don’t change their business model, 10 years ago they could charge whatever they wanted because they were the only real time rendering software, but now you have Twinmotion and D5 that have free perpetual licenses and have being using ray tracing before Lumion, if you want to have a real time rendering engine inside Sketchup enscape is also very good, it isn’t free but is cheaper than Lumion.