What needs to be installed in order for my browser to recognized the .skp extension?

After having too many 3D applications, in several computers I am a little confused. Please bear with me. I have tried several Sketchup versions, trying to decide the best one for my needs.

I noticed that when using the browser (Firefox) in one of my PCs, I simply click on any *.skp file and the model is displayed. In another it is not.

What installation adds that plugin to Firefox?

These are some of the models that I have been displaying and downloading:



-Ramon F Herrera
JFK Numbers

Do you mean when you are viewing .skp models in the 3D warehouse, or elsewhere on the web?

What browser are you having trouble with?

My bad.

I guess the 3D warehouse (which probably has server side support) was not the best example. I have copied some of those models to my own server, here:


That is a plain vanilla Linux distro, and definitely has no support on the server side.


JFK Numbers

I am aware of these models, I had a look at them during the recent history channel documentary on the JFK assassination.

Your profile states you are running Win 10. Why not keep using a firefox browser?

What is the exact problem? The key is what you mean by “is displayed”: displayed in the browser, or starts SketchUp and displays the file in SketchUp?

A download server usually sends two hints to the client (browser) about the file:

  • what type of file it is (MIME type)
  • whether to (force) download like an attachment and save it or display it inline (this is important for txt/html/etc. files that the browser itself is able to display)
    Then the browser decides what it does with the file, considering the known file format associations registered in your OS. Browsers like Firefox can be configured by the user to either ask, save the file or open it in a specific application.

If this is not working, check the browser preferences (Firefox: Preferences → Applications). Otherwise it could be that this specific server does not send a correct or any MIME type at all.