What Mouse to use

Does anyone else have problems holding down the scroll whells of the mouse for extended periods of time I wish I could find a mouse with a softer covering on the wheel any suggestion?

What do you mean by “extended periods of time”? What are you doing that requires you to hold it for extended periods of time?

I’ve used some Microsoft branded mice that seem to have very stiff CMBs but the Logitech mice I use have a fairly light touch.

I’ve had a bluetooth wireless Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse for awhile now and it’s the best one I’ve ever had. Has a very light center wheel button.

(And as a bonus, it has a thumb swipe button on the side for 3 actions. Click, swipe up and swipe down.)

Maybe poor choice of words but it seems that working in 3D requires holding the wheel down over and over again to orient the drawing in space. Rather then just scrolling and occasionally pushing the wheel to pan the drawing as I do in 2D cad files. If I draw for hours which is not hard to do my index finger is killing me just wondered if there was a simple fix.

I spend a lot of time modeling but have never found using the CMB for orbiting to be a pain. You could look into the 3D Connexion Spacemouse devices. Some folks prefer them for navigating the model space.

I will thank you

As DaveR says, Logitech mice can have pretty light mouse buttons. I most commonly use a model M525, which I find easy on the central mouse wheel finger. And the wheel spins fairly freely, without any noticeable clicks, for zooming in and out in SU, and scrolling fast in text documents.

And their G602 gaming mouse is pretty light on the fingers too - and comes with extra programmable buttons. I stopped using it for a while when I thought I was having driver conflict problems, then lost the USB radio dongle, but while it worked it was very good.

@Logitech Owners: there is a serious security flaw with the wireless protocol of the Logitech wireless unified USB receiver identifiable by their orange star logo.

Windows only:
• Download: Logitech Firmware Updating Tool
• Download: Unifying Software (for checking the installed firmware revision)

According to the referenced article an updated Firmware Updating Tool fixing additional issues should be available the next few weeks, check again from time to time.


Try mapping keyboard shortcuts to a seven-button programmable mouse.
Logitech’s full-size M510 is comfy and inexpensive.

I have the Arrow Keys mapped to the wheel tilt and side buttons.
The CMB is mapped to Home.
Then, in SketchUp’s Preferences, Camera/Orbit is assigned the keyboard shortcut — Home.

With that…
• One click of the CMB launches Orbit.
• You no longer need to hold the CMB down to orbit.
• Simply hit Esc to return to the current tool.
• Context click anywhere to open the Camera Context Menu.


Go get a wireless Space Mouse once your good with it you will not dream of going back.

Any left handed mouse suggestions ?

Any Logitech symmetrical mouse can swap the left and right button functions using their Set Point driver software - at least on Windows.

Actually, the mouse doesn’t have to be symmetrical to swap the buttons, but one that isn’t symmetrical might not fit well to your left hand.

Thx, I was thinking of the customisable buttons… seem to be right thumb preferenced

True. I was thinking of a plain vanilla 3 button mouse.

I’m currently using the CADMouse from 3DConnexion. Main reason being that it has an additional, dedicated center button. No more finger soreness from scroll wheel pressing!

The only thing I don’t like about it is it doesn’t have the left-right tilt-click feature on the mouse wheel, and I find that I accidentally press the side thumb buttons frequently (at least twice a day) when I bring my hand to the mouse. Very frustrating when on a website, and I accidentally click “back” when I go to grab the mouse. Also, it’s expensive at $99.

Other than that, I like it. @Geo’s idea above looks really interesting; mapping orbit activation like that. Not sure I could get used to that though.


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I use a Logitech MX Master 2S mouse, and I have dedicated its thumb button to middle click. Using the wheel button is somewhat awkward when the wheel stepping is turned off.


I have a similar mouse with the wheel stepping feature. (Marathon M705) Are you referring to when zooming in/out it’ll keep going even after you’ve stopped? Then it becomes hard to predict and gets annoying. I wish you could set the sensitivity because when the mouse is in that free scrolling setting it feels amazing even with normal use.

That reminds me of what my old Norwegian sailing buddy once said about cruising sailboats.
“Nothing’s perfect, you’ll eventually get used to what you’ve got.”

Sure enough…
Eventually, I learned a double-ended cutter won’t come about in a blow under mainsail alone.

My mapping the CMB to Home along with mapping the Arrow keys to the wheel tilt and side buttons originated some 15 years ago with my favorite little 2D CAD program, CadStd.

Therein, the keyboard shortcuts are hardcoded:

Zoom Extents = Home

Pan along X axis = and

Pan along Y axis = and

Assigning Camera/Orbit to Home in SU freed me from holding down the CMB.
And the same mapping of the Arrow keys for CadStd worked wonders in SU as they’re hardcoded in SU to lock direction.

As it is, I rarely use Pan in SU or CadStd.
I find it’s faster to flick the scroll wheel, pulling the camera back and then forward toward the point of interest than it is to Pan, crawling along click-drag by click-drag.

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Yea, I used to do this in ACAD using the zoom out and zoom in Fkeys (F9 & F10) I think, it’s been a long while.

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the recent Firmware Update Tool v1.2.169 (08/20/2019) is available.