What is the step by step process to purchase SketchUp pro subscription 2019 in India for first time users?

Hello, Sketchup users and team I am facing some problem to purchase sketchup pro 2019 I don’t know how to purchase. Can any my friend tell me how to contact re sellers in India and purchase it ASAP. Thanks in advance

Hi sunita,

go to https://www.sketchup.com/resellers/for-commercial choose India in the list and research the company names that pop up and contact one of them.

I already contacted them but they did not give me any answer.Thanks

Can you suggest me the right reseller name who can help me. Because I email two resellers but they could not help me.


the only suggestion I would give is to simply going though the list until you find someone who will help you.

Ok thanks I will try again :hugs::hugs:

OK finally I purchased sketchup and I want to install plugins, every time when I saw any tutorial on you tube all youtubers say install in this path C:\Uses***\AppData\Roaming\Sketchup\Sketchup 2019\Sketchup\Plugins ( star is your user name) but I don’t have such kind of path in my pc what to do next is there any error in downloading? Should I contact my reseller? how to create this path and install plugins? asap thanks in advance


Here is the official guide for installing extensions in SketchUp. YouTube tutorials may be outdated.

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thank you so much I will try this

What are the svg importer and exporter extentions how to purchase it ? suggest the name please so I can start my work asap thanks

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You can do this for free: Download and install the free graphics application Inkscape, open the SVG file with it and save/export a DXF. You can then import that into SketchUp. Or, from SketchUp, export a PDF or EPS file, open that with Inkscape and save as SVG.


Next time I will take care of this.

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Thank u sir your help is usefull

how to create new topic please guide me I have so many questions

svg exporter which is compatible for sketchup 2019. name and how to install please help Thanks ASAP