What is the icon to right of gear that looks like a hard drive

The hard drive looking icon mentioned in this topic gives me the impression that it’s for saving to the drive. But popup dialog says purging. Unless overlooked l wasn’t able to find anything about this in Help Manual. If it’s not for saving is closing file the only way?

It is indeed the save button.

You have your settings switched to “purge unused on save”. It is saving the model, while also dropping all of the unused components and materials from the file. It’s very helpful for keeping the file size from getting out of control without your immediate knowledge

@Danimaupin If I’m not mistaken, I believe @FAITHgirl 's question is about the icon to the right of the gear icon in your screenshot. The icon that looks like a hard drive…

It seems the question is about how to save a model, or how to save it to the ipad.


My understanding is that the OP is asking why they are getting a pop up saying that the file is purging when they hit the save icon. The answer is that when your settings are set in this way that I have shown, you get a pop up while the iPad saves in the background.

Their iPad IS saving when they hit the save button… But it is also purging the file of unused materials and components before doing so.

To further elaborate… The file saves to the iPad, and is visible on the home screen of SketchUp with a file name of ‘untitled’ . When you get back out to the home page you can rename the file from there, and it will change the file name in the SketchUp file folder accordingly.

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Now I see what meant in your previous post! :+1:

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It’s confusing for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

For further clarification for anyone reading:

When you hit the save icon, it changes ever so briefly to a loading icon and says that it’s saving, but it lasts for a second at most on smaller files so it’s easily missed.


If you have unused materials or components floating in the netherverse, and you have your iPad set to “purge on save always” then you get the following pop-up, and the save loading icon (which happens directly after the pop-up) becomes so much easier to miss.

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