What is the extension menu called in other languages?


My question is simply this. Does

menu = UI.menu("Extensions") 

call up the standard Extensions menu in every language SketchUp comes in? Or do you need to know the word for the local Extensions menu like possibly ‘Erweiterungen’ in German? And if so is there a list somewhere of the SketchUp translations for menus?


It would make a lot of sense if it would, and it does.
When you declare/create a new text in the UI, it is reasonable that you provide the translated string. When you refer to something or query something existing in the API, it should be a single, constant, predictable reference/method name to avoid complexity and programming errors.

You may have noticed that the UI.menu method even catches similar names (“Extensions”, “extensions” or even “Plugins” as it was previously named). I believe for every random string that cannot be matched to another menu you will get the extensions menu.


Thank you for the information.