MacOS Extension Menus

Is there any reason why extensions in the mac version of Pro can’t reside on one menu? The menu should be the place, and is for some (most?). However, a significant number park themselves under menu (Fredo Tools, Artisan…) 3skeng also uses . With the Mac mess that the toolbars create (no tooltips unless vertical, no easy way to stack or collect them when open), it would be nice to have some order in the menus so extensions can be quickly found. Is this a Sketchup thing or an extension developer thing?

No. It’s up to the author as to which menu they choose to put the menu entry. You could contact the specific extension authors and ask them to consider a change if you want.

Ok. Is this a Mac thing or is the same true for PCs?

No. It’s an extension thing. The author determines in which menu their extension or plugin will be found. If the extension works on both Mac and PC it’ll be found in the same menu on both. Here’s an example from an ancient plugin. It’ll show up in the Extensions menu which was formerly the Plugins menu.

Screenshot - 1_3_2023 , 7_28_37 AM

In this case, if I wanted it to show up in Tools instead, I could edit the extension. (I don’t care what menu it’s in since I have a keyboard shortcut to call it anyway.) Not all extensions can be edited that way and it probably doesn’t make sense for the user to do it if the extension is actively being updated.

By the way, I’m glad they don’t all reside in a single menu. Those menus get long enough as it is. Having a single really long menu would get to be a real PIA. I actually think there are a number of extensions that currently show up in the Extension menu that should be in the Draw or Tools menus instead.


Thanks Dave - good to know