What is the difference between free web Version and free Version of 2017?

Hey there,

Im a Interior Design student and I want to do my own business. Im starting with sketchup now and I would like to know if there are differences between the free web version and the free version of 2017 with no updates.

What are the advanteges and disadvanteges of each version?

Im very pleased for each answer.

Thanks a lot :wink:

The advantage of both is that they are free. The common disadvantage is that you aren’t allowed to do business with either. They are purely for hobby use.


Since you are planning to use it as part of your Interior Design business and you can’t use either SketchUp Free (web) or SketchUp 2017 Make for that, you might as well start with SketchUp 2021 Pro. There’s a 30-day trial period and as a student you may be able to qualify for a discounted license while you are in school.

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Thanks a lot. okay good to know. And what are the differences between the technical point? Are there the same commands available?

The same basic commands exist in both.

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Only the desktop versions of Sketchup can run third party extensions. like the ones used to produce photorealistic rendered images. This might be essential in interior design projects.