Free version of sketchup is HORRIBLE

the free web version is missing everything. you cannot choose if you want a 2d or 3d view. I installed twilight render and have no idea how to open it . i cannot follow any tutorials because the home page is completely different. Tutorials show icons that are not there. I don’t know if this is because I don’t have the pro version. I am extremely frustrated. Please tell me what to do.

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Are you using SU for professional use?

In reference to your difficulties with Twilight Render, the free version of SU doesn’t support plugins or extensions if memory serves me right.

Subscribing to the Pro version is the short answer. For some, it may be too expensive for hobbyist use.

No I am not (not yet). I took a course in sketchup many years ago and todays version is nothing like it used to be


At 300 dollars a year, it’s way too expensive , but thanks for the info

It’s worth watching this video, that explains the ways in which the web version is different to the desktop version. Almost all of the features are there, but in different places than the desktop app.

I can console you that it is 550 $ in Poland

What about practicing with Sketchup make 2017 before making the step to pro?
You could use extensions…

Thats the one I had years ago let me see if I can get it. I really liked that one. Btw, what are extensions? (I don’t remember)

Ha! That doesn’t make me feel better!! :blush:

Plug-ins, as e.g. Twilight Render

If you search the internet you will likely find the download available. Since you are a hobbyist it should satisfy your needs. Do be careful however. The download will come from a third party source since Trimble stopped offering it about 6 weeks ago. It might include undesirable additions.

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Yes indeed, I forgot to mention that :sweat_smile:
It’s the only way though to use Twilight, as you can’t use extensions with Sketchup free.

Have you tried SketchUp Go?, it is a lite version of SU that includes both the Web pdt + SU for iPad. You can download/purchase it from the Apple App Store. No plug-ins supported that I know at the moment.