What is the default camera type in Sketchup 2018?

I was messing with animation and changed something under Tools > Advanced Camera Tools > Select Camera Type. So now I have weird grey bars on either side of my screen in Sketchup. It’s not showing which one is currently selected (and I don’t remember which one I picked last as I was clicking through all of them).
Does anyone know what the default camera type is? I can always copy my model into a new (default style) file, but I’d hate to lose all the progress I’ve made with the animation scenes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just use the Reset Camera option in the advanced camera menu.

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That was embarrassingly easy. Not sure how I didn’t see it.
Thank you very much.

If you modified scenes to include that other camera, make sure you update them after resetting the camera. If you’ve got more than one scene using that camera, remember to update each scene.

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