What is the best workflow to insert my 3ds Max assets into a SketchUp scene?

I spent a lot of time and effort to create these models of vintage USPS mailboxes.

They were used in a 3ds Max video. However, my designer now has a generic, current time USPS mailbox component, repeated

I have tried several approaches but decided that you folks are the experts.


-Ramon F Herrera
JFK Numbers

Assuming there are a good number of boxes to replace. Will these models make too many polygons in SketchUp? They may need to be simplified in SketchUp.

If there are many boxes to replace and they are components. I would:

In the Main Model “Save As” (contextual menu) an instance of the component. This will create a new SketchUp file of that component called “Mailbox” whatever.
Import the 3ds file into this file the Mailbox and position correctly, deleting the original modern mailbox.
Modify component and textures for SketchUp as needed.
Go into the main file and choose a mailbox component. Choose “Reload” from the contextual menu and choose the file you’ve modified. It should replace all the mailboxes in situ.

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