Workflow help needed

​I am new to SketchUp and I struggle to get data from Revit and 3ds Max working within SketchUp.
I hope someone here have some great tips that can make my working life easier.
My reason for using SketchUp is ​Enscape. It is really, really good so I want to make this work…

My work is mainly vizualising projects with ± 20 to 150 appartments in several buildings with surroundings (+entourage), and I wonder if SketchUp really is capable of dealing with such large amounts of data?

My current workflow is to link files from Revit to 3ds Max and organize, clean and fix them there. I model the landcape/surroundings and add entourage and render with V-ray. Now I want to move the “entourage and render”-bit over to SketchUp/Enscape, but SketchUp behaves poorly. I split the file in smaller .skp-files I import into SU so I can update them whenever the original Revit model or the site plan change.
​When I try to reload the files after a change , SU freezes. Does anyone have a solution for this?

How do you work with large models (that need to be frequently updated) in SketchUp?​
Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi @KarinSkaug

I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can for you since my background is in Landscape/Planning and I have been working with very large models for Viz for a while now.

Firstly, SketchUp has created a great resource specific to Landscape and Site Design on it’s new Campus site:

Here are some individual lessons that touch on your questions:

  1. Working with Revit/3DS Max files. You should look into a couple of new extensions, one called Skimp and the other Transmutr that will help with both importing and reducing poly count of models/geometry from other programs.

This lesson from that track covers cleaning up Revit imports beyond what Skimp/Transmutr can do:

  1. Here is a lesson that deals with breaking larger models up into pieces and using layers, external components, etc to help manage file size, performance and revisions:

  2. you can also look into the Skatter extension which will keep high quantity and high poly geometry as ‘proxies’ so they only load at render time. Here’s another lesson from the Landscape and Site Design track that shows off Skatter’s capabilities:

Let me know if you have any specific questions as you’ve asked very good, but very broad questions that aren’t quick to answer on a forum such as this :wink:

Thank you. I’II read up on the lessons you mention. I have tested Transmutr for .obj-files, but for now I use SimLabs exporter from Max. Maybe that is the reason I can’t reload anything I’ve imported.