What is a SLAPI?

What does slapi mean, if anything? SketchUp & Layout API, perhaps? (This is in the context of the SketchUp SDK)

Perhaps it’s related to Software Licensing API?

Yes I believe so.

And the name has always clashed with the Microsoft sound layer api library dll.

This is good to know. I’ve seen the phrase every here and there and thought it was some generic software API term, not the name of this specific API. Why not just call it SketchUp [and LayOut] C API?

I don’t think it matters now. @thomthom, isn’t this DLL part of the old defunct C++ API ?

Correct - it’s a simple abbreviation both both APIs in the SDK package.

Which DLL? slapi.dll? I don’t remember if there every was such a dll - if that’s the case it was an old name of the C API.

SLAPI has always been a reference to the C API…

The current binary files for the SketchUp and LayOut C API is:

Was there a particular reference in the documentation you were thinking of?

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It did exist. It thought it was pre-C API. But could have been the early versions.

Looking at SDK archives …

Yes okay. That was the name of the SDK up through the 15 versions.
When v2016 came out it had been renamed "SketchUpAPI.dll" because it also came with separate LayOut dlls. (They were separated into their own sub-folders beneath the "binaries" folder.

Some old threads about that file

Ah, yes. That wasn’t too long after I’d started - my recollection of the C API back then is too good. I was mostly focused on the Ruby API in the beginning.

Yea, and as I had said previously, … there always was a system .DLL file from Microsoft of the same name for it’s Sound Layer API. It was a good thing that the filename changed.