No x86 support for SketchUp 2017 C API?

I just downloaded SketchUp 2017 SKD for Windows. There are no x86 folders in /binaries/sketchup. Our application is 32-bit and is using the 32-bit slapi.dll to import sketchup files. Without 32-bit slapi.dll for SketchUp 2017, our application cannot import files created by SketchUp 2017.

I also would like to know why 32bit has been dropped? Where was the notification that this would happen, we need x86 binaries please!

That is a known “problem”. While the SketchUp 2017 GUI application dropped support for old operating systems and uncommon hardware (x86 32bit, old OpenGL versions), also the SDK hasn’t been released for x86 32bit.
That’s unfortunate since the SDK has different scope than the GUI app, and affects all third-party applications that are not yet 64bit.

If Trimble want to restrict their Sketchup products to 64bit only that’s their call, however the SDK as mentioned has a different scope. Restricting the ability to read/write sketchup files to 64bit is folly as this will directly impact the usefulness of sketchup as a 3d graphics format and therefore the usefulness of the Sketchup products, Trimble’s loss.