Slapi.dll is missing from your computer

I am using Visual studio 2012 with the Sketchup C++ SDK and have
configured and associated Libraries and Headers as required for the SDK.
I ran the sample code as was given on Sketch up website, It was getting
Built and Compiled successfully, but when I try to run the .exe formed,
it says ‘slapi.dll is missing from your computer’ and then exits.
i followed this website:
Adding SLAPI to Visual Studio · SketchUp/ruby-c-extension-examples Wiki · GitHub

am i doing something wrong ? does anyone know how to solve this problem ?

That article was aimed at Ruby C Extensions running inside of SketchUp. SketchUp ships with the C API dlls needed and will therefore load.

If you create a standalone EXE you need to make sure the C API DLLs are available to your EXE - for example copying it to the directory where you have your EXE. (You might want to set that up as a build step.)