What Has Happened to Detail in My Model?

In the attached file, the model is a drawing of a woodworking bench. For reasons unknown to me, detail has been lost and edges are no longer crisp. I suspect that the Soften/Smooth Edges effect has been applied. I didn’t do it intentionally or consciously, if so. I tried selecting the component, right-clicking, and choosing the Soften/Smooth Edges option again hoping it would reverse the effect. It did not.

I’d like for it to show all the lines and details and hard edges.

Is there anything I can do to shift it back?Processing: 5 foot workbench.skb…
5 foot workbench.skp (1.3 MB)

No attached model.

Sorry, Dave!
My screen expanded to cover my system tray and I lost the ability to navigate until I killed my browser and restarted it. Now I’m struggling to figure out how to add the file to my op.

Looks like you managed it.

You turned off Edges in the style.
Screenshot - 9_19_2021 , 3_16_29 PM

Go to the In Model styles and select it again. Since you didn’t update the style after editing it, selecting the style will restore it back to before you made any changes to it.

BTW, it seems kind of odd to me that you aren’t using components for the individual pieces in the model. I guess I would make the feet as three component instances so you can get a useful materials list from the model. Same for the legs and the top.

Of course maybe that’s not really something you are interested in getting from it.

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Once again, thank you, Dave!
I don’t know how to manage what appears in the Default tray. At present mine appears as depicted in the screenshot.
OK. I found the path to re-establishing things in the Default Tray and now have the Materials, Components, and Styles menus there. I found a default style that returned my model to the way I want it for now.

And while I’m demonstrating an old man’s ability to forget things, I seem to recall that I used to be able to put the tools in the bar at the top of the screen instead of having them take up space at the left (or right or wherever) of the screen. Is this just a faulty memory? I still haven’t found a way to put the drawing tools in the menu bar at the top of my screen where other tool icons are located.

Which screen shot?

You can still do that with the toolbars. The tray is, by default, on the right side but could be moved to the left.

If the toolbars are already out you can drag them around and put them where you want. Otherwise go to View>Toolbars and select the ones you want to display before dragging them where you want them.

FWIW, I had a go at redoing your model.

First, here’s a cutlist from your model.
Screenshot - 9_19_2021 , 4_51_12 PM
Note that the top doesn’t show at all because the key at the front left leg is inside the top component. Only the bottom level components get reported.

Here’s a screen shot of my revision to your vise. I omitted those nasty casters (your model had them duplicated inside the leg assembly) and I replaced the vise with a different one. I set the vise so the front of the rear jaw is flush with the front face of the bench. I added kickers to prevent the drawer from falling out, too.

And the cutlist.
Screenshot - 9_19_2021 , 4_41_16 PM

Lots more parts but dimensions and quantities make sense and have no tildes.

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What Dave said, with the exception of the Large toolset, that’s the one with the double row of tools, for some unknown reason they have locked it to vertical so it can only go left or right.


All I can say is, WOW!! and DOUBLE WOW !!!

Any chance you can share that file so I can study it and learn from it?

I sent it to you yesterday in a private message.

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Sorry, I missed the notification. Got it now!

I need to learn how to create those materials lists from the drawing. Is it done with components?

I used an extension called CutList. It reports the dimensions of the component bounding boxes. So you need to make your components correctly. The information is only as accurate as your model. With the way your top was modeled as one big hunk of geometry, if it had reported you would be told you need a block of wood 12-1/2 in. thick by 18 in. wide. Clearly that would be difficult to get and there’s be a lot of waste to carve out the top as you have it.

The CutList extension is in the Extension Warehouse.

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I visited the Extension Warehouse and found several add-ons with ‘cutlist’ in their names. There was only one named Cutlist. When I tried to install it I was warned of incompatibility in the OS or file system.

I work on Windows 10. Is this a Mac OS tool?

No. It works on both PC and Mac. Ignore the message and go ahead and use it. The extension works fine.

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