What happens to textures modified in SU?

I have a texture in an image that is too high resolution. I go to Materials>Edit>Edit Texture in External Editor. I change the resolution and save. It is then modified in my SU model. However, what happens to the original texture image? Is it changed? Or is only a copy for this model changed? And where is it stored?
I might want the higher resolution texture in a different model. Is it now gone?

I answered part of my own question. The original image doesn’t change.
But I don’t know where the modified image is stored.

It’s part of the SKP file.

It is in the “In Model” Materials collection. But you can right-click it (in the Materials browser) and “Save As…” and a file browser will open allowing you to change the name. It will be saved as a SKM archive (which is a zip archive with several XML data files, and a texture file in a sub-folder.)

Thanks. In what folder on my hard drive would I find the “In Model” collection? I’m assuming the materials as stored in the model file and that the “In Model” collection is in some temporary folder. ?

it’s in memory till you save and then it’s hard coded into the skp, so if you move/share the file it’s available…

other formats use separate folders to appear smaller…


Open the Materials inspector (aka browser) panel.

Click the little house button.

(Yes it is a bit weird browsing hard disk folders, 3D Warehouse collections, and the “In Model” (internal SKP memory,) collections all in the same interface. But it works. If there were 3 separate interfaces, we’d all be screaming that they be integrated.)

Thank you all. I understand better now. It’s pretty cool. I can have a material, use Goldilocks to discover than one material is excessive, edit it with external editor (Photo Shop in my case), save it and it is in the model. And the original material is available unchanged to use in a different model if I want (and modify it in a different way for that model if I want).