What happened to "related models" feature 3d warehouse?

What happened to the “related models” feature while searching models in 3d warehouse where one could rabbit hole to other peoples collections containing related models? No more related collections?

Please don’t tell me that has been removed! Now searching for a model without knowing the specific wording is much harder!

Is there a walkaround for this?


@chiara.niehorster ,
If you do a search for 3D warehouse this thread is the first to pop up!

There have been numerous questions about this subject the last few days…

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I had the same exerience, and posted in the other thread.

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I was wondering the same thing too!! I actually posted about this about 2 days ago to see if anyone knew how to get it back or if they had any advice!

It is coming back! Expect to see it in the next 3 to 4 weeks, or so.


This is such great news!! Thank you thank you!!

Search for 3D models using reference images.
yeh… at an extra cost :frowning:

Not for current customers.

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