Has Anyone Found It Harder to Find Things In The 3D Warehouse with The New Update?

Has anyone found it to be more tricky to find ‘unique’ objects in the 3-D Warehouse? With the old 3D ware house if you clicked on on a model on the right hand side it would show you ‘related’ models and now with the new Labs update it doesn’t anymore.

Maybe its just me but it was so nice to have. Any resolutions?


It definitely changed… I am not getting the same kind of search results I used to. It’s really frustrating finding models for specific items. Now, what mostly comes up are scenes or very limited individuals models. I haven’t found a fix for it yet.


Hi Allison! It has been so hard for me with the new update - especially since I am so detailed in my work. I am in a chat with other people having the same problem! I would add you but I am not sure we need to be in it much longer as I logged into the Sketchup Community website and saw a post by TheGuz (SU member) and he said they are bringing related models back! See reply below


Great news! Thanks for linking the thread

yes… its terrible… and totally impractical to use… missing the ‘related suggestions’ as well… please revert back to old layout