3D Warehouse update | Related models / collections forever gone?

Hi, I’m using SketchUp professionally for over 5 years and always enjoyed the easy workflow it brought with it.
But now the new 3D Warehouse update… I got the update today, tried continue working on my 3D model but I just can’t find my way around it. Why aren’t there related models anymore? What has been the reason for no longer incorporating these in the new update?
It used to be so easy when you searched for example ‘double sink’. When you couldn’t find the right one in the first results, you clicked the one that was most ideal and then the possibilities with the related models were endless and yet very efficient.
Is there any chance this will come back? Now it’s such a waste of time trying to find the right model…



I, too, often clikked on related models More often, I clikked on COLLECTIONS… because some people are very picky about what they collect, and I could find just the right item. Both of these methods can be much more productive than trudging thru the original search returns.

On the flip side, a collection listed under one of your own models is almost like a badge of honour. I have a few models that are included in over 50 collections. There are some models out there I’ve seen are a part of over 100 collections. And now that I think about it… this move actually makes one of my collections not worth keeping! What’s the point - no one will ever see it.


What happened to the “see more details” feature while searching models in 3d warehouse where one could rabbit hole to other peoples collections containing related models?

Please don’t tell me that has been removed! Now searching for a model without knowing the specific wording is much harder!

Is there a walkaround for this?


you’re not alone with the issue, more talk going on here: ⠀ :v:


I am so glad I am not the only one going through this right now! I hate it! I hope they bring it back


Please note that some of the features in the old 3D Warehouse are still in development. If it’s not there now, it will likely be there soon.


This update is such an inconvenience. I used to find all my best models in the collections tabs, as people have those made in different languages which is not at all possible to find in the normal search system. I hope they fix this silly move ASAP. I feel like a lost puppy when searching for new models these day. Sucks!


mean while can you just back to the old version. the 3d warehouse is not usable in this current state.