3D Warehouse's newest features streamline model searches like never before

The new 3D Warehouse packs a punch – bringing you powerful, AI-driven image search, a unified desktop, mobile, and web interface with light and dark modes, and AR viewing capabilities. Welcome to the most intuitive 3D Warehouse yet.

  • Search for 3D models using reference images. Take a photo of a table from a showroom floor and drop your inspiration into the search bar. Sit back and let AI sift through millions of pre-built models to pinpoint your ideal match.

  • Materials are now searchable and directly downloadable. Easily source material and texture swatches for use in SketchUp using keyword search. Simply type the name of the material into the search bar, and click the Materials tab.

  • Access your curated content across devices when you log in with your Trimble ID. Easily find your favorite products, models, catalogs, and collections across desktop, mobile, and web. When you launch 3D Warehouse from within SketchUp, all your saved content is accessible right in your model.

There’s more
Other features include augmented reality viewing of lightweight models and new search filters to narrow results by file size, polygon count, or file type. 3D Warehouse automatically converts SketchUp files to the Collada format and SketchUp subscribers can also download files converted to GLB and USD.

Image Search is now included in SketchUp subscriptions or available with a free trial.


Hello! I just joined this forum as I don’t know where else to go with this.

I use 3D Warehouse in my browser (Brave) to find models for my Live Home 3D project (I don’t use Sketchup). I was just now browsing, when the site updated. I am no longer shown “related models” or “related collections” when viewing a model. Is there any way to get this back? I had great use of this feature.

What’s worse, is that it seems the option to sort search results by relevancy is gone. Is there any way to get this feature back? Now, the closest thing you get is sorting results by popularity, which is much, much less useful. In my example, I search for “table lamp”: Before, I was sorting by relevance and yielding a bunch of different lamps, as you might expect. Now, sorting by popularity, the first pages of results are full of models of seating arrangements and other stuff that may or may not (!) include a model of a lamp within it. This practically renders search unuseable.

Did I accidentally stumble into a sort of mobile view of the site? Does anyone have any idea as to why they would remove “sort by relevance” functionality? Any help is greatly appreciated. I so enjoy this hobby of mine.



There are reasons, and of course it’s an ongoing discussion. Could you do me a favor and try Reverse Image Search by clicking on the image in the search bar? I’m curious as to how well that will find relevant models.


For example, I went to Live Home 3D project, and grabbed a screenshot of their gallery:


Hey @TheGuz , any ETA on non-english translation ?

When I go to the parameters page, at the bottom, I can ask for french interface, but as soon as I start a search, it reverses to english.

Got a class next week, 5 persons, and looking at the profiles, I expect 2-3 of them to have issues dealing with an english interface.

is it in the pipes ?

Hi ateliernab! So it should be working. I selected French and saw this.

Maybe I can get more info from you?
Are you seeing the issue from inside of the SketchUp application? The browser?

I used Image search in Beta mode and it was great! However, now when I’m trying to upload an image, I get error codes that say "this file format isn’t accepted. ) I have tried jpegs, jpg, and png.

Also, I highly agree with returning the relevance filter. I just searched for range (as in kitchen range) and got the attached result. No way to filter the odd ■■■■ out…like a palm tree, swan chair, iMac…???

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I’d like to know more. I just tested it successfully with:

On my Mac using Chrome.

Looks like this was tested in SketchUp Pro? Can you tell me your operating system, your browser… have you tried a different browser?

I’ve had issues before with my firewall giving me a hard time before.
Looking into this some more.

I’m at Bellevue College so using the academic version, if that makes a difference. I got those results when trying to reach it from within SketchUp, but just tried by going directly to the 3D Warehouse through the internet and if was fine then. Hmmm.

I’m on a PC.

And just to clarify, I’m using SketchUp Pro with an academic license…NOT SketchUp for Schools

Ok, that should totally work. I’ll ask the team to test that tomorrow.
Your SketchUp version is it 2023? It should work for the current version and the two supported versions prior.

Hmm, straight from SU pro.

My profile shows up in french all right

Capture d’écran 2023-07-26 à 08.52.43

but as soon as I start a search, it rolls back to british

Capture d’écran 2023-07-26 à 08.52.55

On mac, last OS, last SU version

Ok, fresh in the morning, I solved the problem :
I went to the warehouse in a browser. it was in english. bottom of the page, I was able to change it to french, and it worked

Immediately, inside SU, the warehouse switched to french. So it’s not just the profile we have to switch, but the actual landing page, in a browser.

the language option is not showing at the bottom while inside SU, like it does in the browser, or it did in the old warehouse.

Since the warehouse in SU is basically just a chrome window, I’m guessing the footer got hidden, taking the language selection with it.

Cool redesign, I don’t use the 3Dw much, mostly in class, otherwise I model stuff, I miss the brand list, made it easy to check if the brand was here right from the start.
but the search by image is fire.

before, I used to tell my student to arm themself with a translating tool, because sofa, couch, canapé, méridienne, comforter would give me different results, despite being kinda the same thing.
now they can also just use a photo of the couch they like.
that’s good !

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Thank you for all of the additional information! Makes it easy to make a ticket to get it fixed. Glad you like Image Search!

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it didn’t hold.

I quit SU after posting this, then launched it later, and it was back to english. had to redo the whole thing.

What a horrendous UI this new 3D warehouse has.

  • The search box is huge yet not easily visible somehow. Why is the search term BELOW the tabs “models” Products" etc. It doesn’t make sense! And give it a BOX with BACKGROUND for god’s sake.
  • FILTERS: I have to click many times to filter where before it was one slide away and easily tucked at the left side of the screen.
  • There is almost no info without clicking on the model… why?!
  • Scrolling is now necessary for even the simplest of tasks like polygon filtering. Again: for a PRO software this is horrendous workflow.

But Ai omg amazing Ai! Ai!!!

We are working on computers with huge screens. JUST DISPLAY THE FILTERS AND OPTIONS AND INFO ON ONE SCREEN: NO CLICKS.

OH, And the search input DISAPPEARS WHEN YOU SCROLL, so you have to scroll all the way back to the top to search another term. Holy moly…

Infuriating. Hating the changes.


Got it. I’ve raised this as a concern with Engineering. We may not get it fixed in time for your class. Hope this doesn’t create too much trouble for you, but we will get it fixed.

Hey Gntis! I see you have strong feelings about this. Thank you for the feedback! I’d love to have a talk to gather additional details if you’re willing / have time in the next couple of weeks. Cheers! -Guz

I’ll just tell them you personally hate them. or that trial users are automatically in english. I’ll figure witch story to use :sweat_smile: :clown_face:

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Haha! NOOOOO! Tell them if they meet me in public to tell me I owe them a beverage for that mess up. If it helps this is a higher priority request.

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As a quite frequent and veteran user I’m also baffled about this. It hurt my workflow immensely. It’s the way we find what we actually pursue with higher precision and efficiency. Now because it doesn’t display the related collections and models we can’t find what we are looking for as fast as we used to. Image search is good but I still don’t understand why would we lose that option as well? It would be even stronger together. I hope this will resolve and we get the “related” menus back.