What happened to 2D in the 3d Warehouse?

I use the app to create 2d floor plans often.

I use 3d warehouse to download 2d fixtures,furniture and the like.

It appears that all the 2d items have beed purged from the 3d warehouse.


For example try typing 2d toilet. Only 3d models now come up.

Nothing gets deleted from 3D Warehouse (that doesn’t violate any terms or rights). Probably there are just that many more 3D objects now or the search isn’t that good. The search is not a good proof for existence, but links are, e.g.:

Try the advanced search tools and add criterions that exclude the bulk of models. If you know a specific model that you believe is missing now, can you describe what it is?


When did we ever have 2D toilets, or 2D ANYTHING besides trees & people for low-poly filler?

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