What do you think of Search in SketchUp for Web?

It obviously didn’t change when I posted it or how would I have known? Jumping in on a post and being rude is not cool.

I do use keyboard shortcuts, and I love them. They’re very handy when I’m drawing and erasing a lot of things in quick succession. So definitely, being able to assign customized keyboard shortcuts is a great idea.

I’m sorry for the late reply. I just now saw this! I need to pay better attention.

Hello, I’m unable to launch the search tool. The Shift + / (?) and Shift + S don’t work for me. Is there something I don’t understand? It appeared once, a week ago, and I don’t know what I did to get it…

Why isn’t the search icon not permanently showing? Why isn’t it launchable from the Instructor? This would be logical to me.

Thank in advance for your help.

What happens if you click on the magnifying glass icon?

Are you using SketchUp for Web in a non-English language? If so, we haven’t yet extended the search into other languages yet. We are actively working on this.

How is this a per language feature?

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Gathering (from the English version) whatever unexpected feedback that may come in before doing all the tuning in all languages probably saves a lot of work. Simply showing tools / options in other languages and then enabling the respective tools / performing the operations though should be possible by now, I think.

My ptoblem is that I can’t get the magnifier to appear… It did once some days ago and I never saw it again. That time, it worked correctly.



As @Mark indicated, the search feature isn’t extended into other language versions. It may be that when you did see it, you had opened the English version?

OK. I misinterpret what he said. I thought it would always work in English, whatever the locale. I’ll try to switch back to English tomorrow.


You might find this interesting: In the respect that the search respects both concept matching and exact matching for tool names, we are planning to use different indices of modeling concepts for different languages. So, we are working with SketchUp experts who are native speakers of the languages we localize in, so that the concept search is translated (or really adapted) appropriately to the language.

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Do you mean commands are given search tags or something similar? That would explain why some additional work is needed!

Without getting into the details of how the feature is built, yes: there are concepts (or tags) that map to search commands. One of the intentions of this search is to help people new to 3D (or new to modeling in SketchUp) learn about common operations. So, for a given modeling concept, we may return a search result for a SketchUp command (as appropriate). For example, the concept ‘see-through’ will yield results for Back Edges and X-ray. Of course, these concepts don’t neatly translate between languages.

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Back to the English locale, I found back the magnifier. Thank you very much for the tip.

I really wish to work in French, even if the search command is to work only in English.

I wasn’t able to find the x-ray command in SketchUp for Web, except with the search function. Anybody knows where to find it ?

Thank you again.

There isn’t an X-ray command available other than one of the default styles, see below, and the slider that you can find through ‘Search’ > X …

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your message. Sorry if I answer lately, I found under my spams label.

Yes, I use SketchUp in French, preferably. Glad to know that the search tool will come to other locales. In the meantime, I’d be glad to search in English, enven though I use SketchUp in French.

Thank for the software!

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