What are the tips to make this file less heavy?

the sancturary - oleg nova versao pesada.skp (2.1 MB)
it is only 2.1 MB but is so heavy when I am working inside it and importing to Lumion…

You have 36 components that are repeated 42,000 times, leading to there being over 19 million edges, 6 million faces. That makes it be more complicated than an entire city model.

There may be a better way to model the same thing. I will let others say how they would tackle this.

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components are heavier than groups? are there a plugin that make random doors and windows on the building?

It is the sheer volume that makes the file heavy. I doubt if there are many computers that can handle the file.

You could try Deep Thought.

SketchUp is single threaded. Most of the “supercomputers” are arrays of thousands (millions? I don’t quite know) of almost standard desktop CPUs. Their SketchUp performance would probably be similar to what most users are using.

Shucks, you’re right (though my post was, how shall we say, less than serious?).

do you guys know what is the plug in that makes this windows curved like this curve?
I remember there was one that did this, but I’m not finding it… can someone help?