PC configuration


Hi there, I was wondering what’s the best pc config for architectural design. My pc have an Intel xeon 3.00GHz with 16 Gb of Ram and a Quadro K2000 but I’m still have issue with files over 50Mb.

Is there maybe a different way to use Sketch-up that maybe can help? I was thinking maybe create the exterior of a house on a file, make it a component and then import that in a file and do the interior…will that help?



Since we don’t know how you’re presently using SU, how is this answerable?

In the event that you are not presently making a systematic effort to keep the segment count on your arcs and curves to an absolute minimum, regularly purging your model of unused objects, and using the smallest possible images in your textures, these are all things you could try. Here are some other recommended practices for keeping file size down: How do I make SU run faster?



The short answer is that I would guess that there is no hardware solution. You can pour in lots of money to buy the fastest PC available, but probably the effect in comparison to your current setup would be hardly noticeable. As Gully says, building smarter models is the only viable answer.



I’d also throw in: keep shadows off until you need them.


Thanks everyone for the answers. The shadows are off, the geometry simple and I think is not that bad, the only thing is…I always create groups and not components (unless I need copies of the same item) Is there any different on groups or components that can influence the dimension of the file?


Using components for repeating items brings the file size on disk down, but file size by itself means little for SketchUp performance. What counts is the actual number of faces and edges SketchUp has to process, regardless whether they are embedded in a component or group or not.



Do you know how he create different drawing from a single model?