What about different display styles?

As a desktop user, I’m missing a few functions. Since I’m considering to use SUW in class, different display styles, like x-ray, wireframe etc. would be much welcome to study the model structure. Have I missed those or have they not benn implemented in the Web version (yet)?

Did you look in the Styles settings?

Thanks for the tip! Problem solved!
I wasn’t really thinking of those styles, but rather for a menu, similar to the desktop version:

Before I dig further into exploring SUW menus, is there also something to show Hidden geometry?
And to get some more templates?
And to save preferences for the model setting?
(hm, this would now require a different topic, like “All I need to know about SUW”)

No. There’s currently nothing like that.

Look in the Display settings.

The templates that you can select are the only ones available. You could create some blank template files that you save to use in SketchUp for Web but they wouldn’t technically be templates.

No option for that. Any settings you make are saved with the model but those settings won’t carry over to other models.

Keep in mind that this is a dynamic thing. The development team are always adding features.

Thank you a lot!
We’ll try SUW next week in the class with our 1st year’s… and see!

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