Whacky scale of texture?

I’ve used sandbox tools to create terrain from contours, and now using a 2D drawing of paved areas and “drape” to lay them on the terrain. When I apply a texture, the scale of the texture is greatly enlarged from what it should be, despite checking it’s dimensions on the color palette. The many facets that make the paved area are selectable as a surface, but if you start erasing edges, suddenly on some of those facets, the texture becomes the scale you would have expected. What is this?

Sounds like you may have scaled the terrain, or perhaps sandbox did. See if you can reset the scale or explode and regroup.

Hi @RTCool, in cases like this the second sentence becomes important:
(although it actually is the 8th icon to the right. why isn’t this corrected yet)


Now that you mention it, I may have scaled the whole model at the outset. It started as a 3D DWG import from the land surveyor, who even had the contours already lofted to correct elevations, so all I had to do was select them and create terrain from contours. I may have struggled getting the file to come in with the right units/scale, so maybe I scaled the whole thing immediately after import to get it set right.

In any event, reset of the axes was greyed out and unavailable, but exploding and regrouping did the trick.