Changing the footprint of my topography

I created contours using sandbox. I created a space larger than what I wanted to work with to make sure the effect of the contours outside my workspace are accounted for.

In the picture I have a box, that’s all I want to work with. Is there some way to cut away the area outside the box? Or some easy way to make the contours and topography with sandbox just for the space within my box, but still factoring in the other contour levels?

I’m really new to this, so it might be an easy fix or completely out of my league. I’d love some help either way.


I assume your topography is 3d, correct? If so, draw the rectangle above it and use Push/Pull to extrude it into a box that passes through the topography. Make sure the box is in the same context as the topography. Select all right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then erase what you don’t need.

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