Wet concrete...?

Morning, gang…

Has anyone found a good material/texture to simulate freshly poured (wet) concrete?

Or a technique to create the look of it?



I haven’t explored it in Vray, and there is probably someone more knowledgeable who can answer, but in Twinmotion you can simply add puddles as “objects” on top of a concrete material surface to make it appear wet… not sure if there is an equivalent in Vray.

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Not a VRay user but a few thoughts to consider. Wet concrete is a pretty broad term. It might be helpful to post a few reference photos of the look your shooting for. Also search for VRay tutorials for wet asphalt. There might be some useful information there for setting up a render for wet concrete. There is some similarities in the appearance between the two.

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You can make your own texture with a photo or an image of wet concrete, then use an image manipulation software to create the different maps or softwares like materialize or blender to create them, I use Gimp when I want to create a simple material and Blender to create a complex more realistic texture, it takes some time to learn how to do it well though, the shader editor has a lot of nodes and getting to know how they work is a bit challenging, I’ve been using blender for more than 4 years and I consider myself an advanced user but I still don’t know all the nodes of the shader editor. If you have time it’s totally worth it to learn blender otherwise the fastest way is to use Materialize and then photoshop, gimp Krita or the software of your preference to edit images.

Playing with the roughness can give an illusion of a wet material.

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Can you show us some visual references of what exactly you have in mind?

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Get a concrete texture and turn down the roughness to give it a glossier shiny wet look

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A few cood textures - Free Seamless Concrete Textures For Your Design Project | Naldz Graphics


Sorry… I’ve been away for a few days…

Something like the bottom part of this image:

Get a photo of wet concrete, setup a bump / normal map for it. Add it to a base grey material and then you can play with the reflectivity and maybe even add a ‘coat’ to it.

And I kind of want to try using Fur to make really rough and lumpy concrete. Or maybe Skatter with a gravel pattern.

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I messed about with some textures and got this…

Close enough for my needs.