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Good morning/afternoon or evening to all you forum goers out there.

My name is Jordan Clifford and I currently work within the migenius software development business and my specific role is as a team member of the Bloom Unit rendering support team.

I use SketchUp both for personal use to practice lighting and learn new rendering techniques and professionally to create work for use within the migenius team. The reason I use SketchUp is mainly due to the freedom of the modeling aspect as well as the abundance of premade assets available, I have a background in Maya and other traditional modelling programs, so the freedom I gained was amazing, even if the feature is available in some other packages, I’m still using sketchup.

The experience I have within SketchUp is still somewhat limited, as such I’d have to put myself somewhere close to being an intermediate if not one already. As I do know my way around Sketchup pretty well, but there is always more that I can learn or find out.

As for if I’ve been to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp, sadly I haven’t been to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp. My pc setup is a windows OS with an intel i7 8700k, 16gig of ddr4 ram, a NVIDIA gtx980 and I am using Sketchup Pro 2018.

Well now that the majority of the writing bit is out of the way, here is a small scene I put together within a couple of hours this morning, from concept to render. Most of the models are from Sketchups in program 3dwarehouse but the lighting and rendering were done within Bloom Unit. Be it related to Bloom Unit or Sketchup in general, I am happy the pass on my knowledge to anyone and everyone that may need it or seek it out.

OH right my favourite emoji, hmm I guess it would have to be just a pretty basic one, I’ll go with :stuck_out_tongue: . And last but not least, do I enjoy long walks on the beach, well that just depends on who im walking with.



Hi I am Scott from Brisbane in Qld, Australia. I started using Sketchup back in ver 7 or 8 for modelling some home renovations. Lapsed from it for a while and started again with 2017 and 2018. I am amazed now at what it can do and get pleasure from the skills exhibited in a lot of the tutoral videos. using SKP now to model the currention renovations under our home.

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Hi, my name is Rick,

I attached a pic of me doing what I like, remodeling old houses.

I run a small business that does custom fabrication of unique items using metal, wood and stone. I also do various residential repairs and light remodeling.

Currently I am playing around with the free web based version of SU so I can learn the software. I am planning to purchase the pro version in the near future. Most of the things I build are drawn by hand on 4 x 8 sheets of MDF, or made freestyle (on the fly). I need a way to model my ideas so I can better present and envision my ideas.

At this point my skill level with SU is rudimentary at best.

My current set up consists of a windows 10 desktop with dual monitors and a MacBook Pro. I have not attended a basecamp, they look awesome, perhaps some day I’ll be able to attend. I don’t have any models I would want to showcase at this point.

Here is a picture of an outdoor gas fire pit I was commissioned to design and build for a client. This was made using a few sketches done on my note 7. I would classify this as one of my on the fly creations.

Any guidance on how get proficient in SU form those of you who have mastered SU would be much appreciated. I’ve found it to be captivating and highly frustrating. Something I need to master.

My Pic:

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Here is a picture of an outdoor gas fire pit I was commissioned to design and build for a client. This was made using a few sketches done on my note 7. I would classify this as one of my on the fly creations.

Since I am new I could only post one image per post so here is the Firepit I mentioned in my welcome post.

Good to be an active member in the SU community.

Cheers to all!


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Hi Latestarter,

I loved your post, I’m looking to use SU to model changes to our home as well. Sounds like there’s light at the end of the learning curve.



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- Who are you, who, who?
*Hello everyone, I’m Lorran, I used to play with SketchUp this last 6 months.
- What is your industry and profession? Im Renowable engeener, at this time i work as Project manager, in PV solar plants.
- Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally?
*I use SketchUp PRO, during my job
- Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it?
I use for simulate shadows in our instalation, this is perfect to draw a solar panels and do the shadows effect.
- How proficient are you in SketchUp?_ Beginner
- What is your current set up?
Lenovo P52s with Core I7 8th Gen, with 16 GB ram memory and NVidia Quadro P500 Graphic card
- Do you have a 3DW page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us?
I can link to show
- Anything else you would like to tell us?
Im Portuguese, live in north of Portugal, Love everything about Efficience Energy, And Renowable energy.
Normaly i tell everybody to come visit Portugal because i belive that we have the most woderful contrie in the world.
Come here to learn, share and try all the time contribute for this fórum.

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Hi, My name is Ken Moore

I’m English but living in and enjoying Italy I’m a Mechanical Engineer but happily retired.
I’ve just finished building a car and I wanted to model the chassis and body. I started to use SketchUp free but got sucked in and now I’m using SketchUp Pro 2019.
I’m already very impress by the SketchUp skill builder videos on YouTube and I’m about to look at the BaseCamps. I’m using a new iMac. My long-time friends MacBook Pro died recently and with SketchUp in mind I made the change.
Nothing to show off yet but I am starting to help a friend (a Blacksmith) here with realisations of spiral staircases and some fencing. Current challenge (apart from getting the Italian authorities to register my car) is to do some terrain modelling.



Hi, Phil here, Infrequent and casual user of Sketch up. Used your 2015 version of sketch up last and wanted to know how to retrieve my last model (open) from my hard drive.



Your vaulted ceiling is absolutely beautiful!

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Hi, yes it is. The area you can see in the photo is a part of the house that was a stable and so the ceiling is left with exposed brick. The original part of the house has the same ceilings but they are plastered and not as nice3 to look at.
A future SketchUp project, I suppose.

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Greetings from Canada

I am retired and have taken up woodworking as a hobby. I am using the free version of sketch up make and it has been an amazing help in saving trees. Pre-planning my projects on the computer saves many errors that would have been very costly had I just gone with my rough paper drawings and then discarded rather costly for me wood that was cut wrong.
I came on here to look for a solution to the viewer app bug (I use an ipad in the workshop to view my drawings) and found a lot of interesting info n the posts.

Just want to say thanks to Sketch up and the poster community.



First of all, a big thank you to Chippwalters who made me discover this forum which had, God knows why, escaped my sagacity till this very day.
That being said, a big hello to all of you. It seems to me that there are a few names I already know but I’m surprised by all the others I’ve never seen on SketchUcation…
I have been working with SketchUp since “At Last” and have been on the SetchUp forum since 2007. I stayed loyal to the V8 with a small addition recently with Make 2017 to be able to use plugins like SubD. For nothing in the world will I evolve to the new versions for the same reasons developed by Chippwalters in his post:

I stopped my activity as an architect in 2012 and now enjoy a happy retirement with plenty of time to have fun with SUP.
Glad to be here too!

Links to my current work:



Hello. I am a BEGINNER to sketch up. I was wondering if someone could help me out with a project I’m doing.

See link below:
Original Link



i m nilesh,thanks



Not so much anymore



Could someone help me with a project.
Link to full request



Who are you, who, who?
My name is Charles Traupmann I live in LA, CA, USA

What is your industry and profession?
Retired Aerospace Engineer, currently enjoying the fruits of my labors.

Where do you use SketchUp?
At Home

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it?.
There is an ease to SketchUp that many other software packages don’t have, and the price is right. The great inventors who enhance the product every day with plug-ins and enhancements is at the top of my list of favorites.
I use SketchUp to design every woodworking job I do, and many I don’t get to.

How proficient are you in SketchUp?
Approaching Advanced, until I see what some others have accomplished, then I feel like a beginner.

What is your current set up?
Desktop/ Windows 10/ 32GB RAM/ Intel CORE i7/ Nvidia 4GB GTX980/ 3 screens/ SketchUp Pro 2019

Do you have a 3DWeb page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us?
Great idea, never thought of doing it. But I may just do that soon.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
First, I have been using SketchUp since it was a Google product. I bought in when it went Pro, and have kept it up since. I love SketchUp!
Just finished building my own SketchUp designed 48" x 48" x 10" NC wood router
Trying to learn Ruby for SU, but can’t seem to find the time. I did a lot of programming in C while working.

What is your favorite Emoji?
:the wink :wink:

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…?
The beach is only 2 blocks away, and I find no time to hike down there to go for a walk, but the view is great: Sailboats, cargo ships, whales, dolphins, and Santa Catalina Island.



Hi everybody. I’m new to this forum but not new to sketchup. I am a contractor in New England and do design/ build work mainly for residential clients. I typically leave the drawings to the architect or designer, but sometimes find that drawing something myself helps with smaller budget projects or with being able to communicate effectively with clients and other trades. I’m willing to share my construction knowledge with anyone here, just ask. I signed up because I am about to post a question about solid tools and their limits. Thanks!



Hi all, my name is Linsay I operate a small building company “GADSBY BUILDERS” on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I’m still a novice using Sketchup even though I’ve been using the program for over 3 years.



Hi I’m Frank. I’m a Real Estate Developer. I use Sketchup in my home office. I use Sketchup for my personal use. I’m a Sketchup beginner. I’m looking to purchase a used computer for my Sketchup projects. Is a gamming computer a good purchase to use with Sketchup? Thank you for your reply.

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