Weird results with Solid Tools

Trying to model a chair, and I’m using Solid Tools to make the holes in legs for the stretchers. Everything worked fine until I tried to execute a Trim command with the rear leg and one of the front-to-back stretchers. What happened is that SketchUp somehow turned the back leg and the stretcher into a group and duplicated the stretcher. I’ve run Solid Inspector 2 and Clean Up 3 to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the components. But I can’t make tjhe problem go away. I’ve iuploaded the SU file. Any suggestions? Any solutions?
swedish slat-back chair.skp (2.9 MB)

Check your e-mail shortly.

It appears to be due to small faces. I think there’s a bug though because the excess geometry should not be created. Scaling the model up before running Trim prevents the creation of excess geometry.

And for someone new coming along, the normal behavior of the Solid Tools is to convert components to groups.