Solid Tools glitch


I have a problem with the Trim function. I try to cut through the gray layers who are each a solid group using the white solid. It sometimes works as intended, but others the layer simply disappears and moves away from the model.

Is the model really small? Small models - with any edge 1/16" and less - fall outside of SU’s modeling size tolerance.

Try temporarily scaling up 10-1000x to perform your Solid tools intersection.

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The model is a stadium at real word dimensions, so I don’t think it is too small.

In some places it worked perfectly:

If I use Eneroth’s tools, it sometimes works, sometimes I get “output is not solid”.

Did you try scaling up the parts before using Solid Tools? Though as you know, those parts do have to be solid for that tool to work.

Sharing the model would let others poke around for other issues instead of offereing educated guesses in a forum thread…